Willy's Been On the Road!

Long Beach, CA - '16

Sherman Oaks, CA - '16

Hollywood, CA - '17

Prescott, AZ - '18

Hollywood, CA - '18

Santa Monica, CA - '19

Long Beach, CA - '19

​Mendocino, CA - '19

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"Her energy and stamina is awe-inspiring. Without giving anything away, her rendition of Hamlet’s infamous “to be or not to be speech” will bring tears to your eyes."

​~ B. Baumer, HFF  Solo Artist

"This is how you do a one-person show. Other solo performers take note, this is a masterclass in storytelling and balancing information and action. Don’t miss out!!” 

~  James Canfield, Winner

Best International Ensemble, HFF 2017

written & performed by Terra Taylor Knudson

Developed with & Directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

Willy's Lil' Virgin Queen

It's a madcap comedy about discovering love, overcoming tragedy and

finding your voice in a world of words, words, words!

Told through monologue, historical anecdotes and a little creative conjecture, award-winning actress/playwright Terra Taylor Knudson weaves Shakespeare’s works into her own coming-of-age story as she illustrates the many ways that the Bard shaped her life and used his words to give her a voice.

In addition to the humorously awkward moments of growing up, “Willy’s Lil Virgin Queen” is also an exploration into some of the darker aspects of adolescence including depression, bullying, trauma and even suicide. But, by filtering the darker aspects of her life through the lens of Shakespeare’s words, Terra connects his classic characters with real-life circumstances, providing an opportunity to see them in a contemporary and more accessible light.

“Willy’s Lil Virgin Queen” invites all audiences, from scholar to newbie, a unique peek into the depths of Terra’s obsession with Shakespeare, and the many ways in which saved her life.

"Absolutely wonderful! Terra is captivating and passionate and her presence as a performer pulled me in from the moment she came on stage until the lights went out.” ​                                            

~ Jennie Fahn, Winner Best Solo Show, HFF 2017

Production Photos by:  Nancy Hickey, The Picture Lady and Michael Hardy Photography.

grasping bullying: 

Educational Outreach, Multi-Media Theatre 

​​available now to book! contact: olioinfo@hotmail.com

Written and Performed by:

Terra Taylor Knudson