Written and Performed by:

Terra Taylor Knudson

Growing up the kid of a Holistic psychotherapist and a computer scientist ain't easy, especially when your heart speaks Elizabethan. So, how does a girl coming-of-age in the wilds of Colorado learn who to be...or not to be? By hooking up with a 400 year old poet, that's how!

Searching Shakespeare's tomes for everything from dating advice (if Juliet had just texted Romeo, it would have been much simpler.) to parenting tips from The War of the Roses (which turned out to be much ado about nothing.), this madcap adventure weaves the history, comedy and even a little tragedy as one girl seeks inspiration from Shakespeare's leading ladies to learn how to skip the prince, and be the Queen!

Award-winning actress/playwright, Terra Taylor Knudson (OTW Founder/Artistic director) blends humor, history and Shakespeare in this madcap 75-minute tour-de-force solo show delightfully shining a light on the Bard's leading ladies who broke the mold and rocked the Tower of London!

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Willy's Lil' Virgin Queen

Set Design/Production Assistant:

Timothy P. Thorn

(Formerly "A Rose By Any Other Name")

"Opening Sequence"

Stage Manager:

Jesse Bosworth

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Direction Support: 

Jessica Lynn Johnson

"It's a madcap, captivating romp when Willy Shakespeare 
& his leading ladies teach a 20th Century girl how to be a Queen!"

Photos by: 
Michael Hardy Photography