The OTW team is cooking up a great feast of creative projects for every occasion. Here are a few new projects coming up: 

*New YouTube Webseries; "I'm Right, You're Wrong"

*Pod Casts

*Video Blogs

*Independent Film Projects

 OTW's original multi-media/live action theatrical performance that confronts the current culture of bullying. This 45-minute piece was created with and is designed for students grades 9 - 12, as an educational tool to inspire conversations and initiate healing.

GRASPING bullying

Joanna Hubbard as "Caroline" in the 2012 production of Old Black Magic: A Haunted Musical. Photos by Nancy Hickey.

spotlight: thank you to our DONORS & Volunteers

*Lija Fisher
*Mary Tellez 

*Melinda Weinstein
*Michele Amburgey
*Molli Kuenstner
*Nella Webster
*Patsy  Collins Bandes

*Ray Knudson

*Robin Hogue

*Ruth Taylor

special projects


2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival Award Winner!

It’s a madcap, comic romp as Willy

Shakespeare teaches a 20th century Lil Virgin how to ditch the prince and be the Queen in this hilarious new solo- show by award winning


Terra Taylor Knudson.

Intimately Wilde

*Sandy & Claire Hall-Jann
*SiouxSanna Ramirez-Cruz
*Sue Hawkes

*Sue Rausch

*The Roes Family

*Virginia DeMoss
*Ward Edmondson

*Caroline Fletcher
*Cathi Wiggins
*Cyndi Hung

*Debba Rolfhart
*Des and Brandon Kruhm
*Edward Bangasser 
*Elizabeth Leon
*Elizabeth Swain
*Erica Rocheleau

*Ginni Gordon

Modern re-telling of classic fables for audiences of all ages. Including: The Entirely True Tale of Goldilocks, Soup from a Stone, Rumplestiltskin Retold!, and more. 

a glimpse at a few of our favorite shows

               WILLY'S LIL' VIRGIN QUEEN

Welcome to Olio Theatre Works! 

​We are a company of artists, writers, designers, performers and technicians dedicated to providing high quality creative entertainment solutions for every occasion. 

Our roster of options includes: classical theatre,

original musicals, solo musicians, story tellers, 

educational outreach, and custom made projects  designed specifically to suit your needs!

Over the past fourteen years, OTW has produced hundreds of events across Southern California.

Connect with us to learn how Olio Theatre Works can create the perfect entertainment solution for you! 

Creative Entertainment Solutions,  Est. 2004


Fables & Fairy Tales

*​Alice OKeefe
*Anna Quirino-Miranda 
*Anne Marie Iniguez
*Autumn Browne
*Barbara Mast
*BB Hill

*Beverly Schwendinger
*Bob Fetes
*Bonnee Basso

*Brian Madigan


grasping bullying: 

Educational Outreach, Multi-Media Theatre 

​​available now to book! contact:

*Giovanna Meese
*Jantina Russell
*Jessica Lynn Johnson
*JP  Karliak
*Judith Matsen
*Karen Wray
*Kirstine Shelton
*Lanie Bland

*Laura Bosworth

​*Lauren Nave

olio theatre works. inc.  (c) 2004

special projects

Celebrity ghosts and postmortem patter abide in this

original musical which is the most successful production in OTW's fourteen-year history; playing repeatedly over ten years!


Old Black Magic: A Haunted Musical

Willy's Been On the Road!

Long Beach, CA - '16

Sherman Oaks, CA - '16

Hollywood, CA - '17

Prescott, AZ - '18

Hollywood, CA - '18

Santa Monica, CA - '19

Long Beach, CA - '19

​Mendocino, CA - '19

Coming Soon to YOUR City!

Book Willy:

(310) 266-3872

olio theatre works

OTW's unconventional look at one of the most

unconventional writers of the Victorian era; famed

poet; Oscar Wilde.