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Born out of the rampant culture of bullying that we've seen increase in schools and in society over the past few years, Grasping Bullying is a multi-media/live theatrical assembly designed to confront the toxic and damaging ways that bullying effects high-school students. 

This forty-five minute theatrical piece was created with OTW Founder/Artistic Director, Terra Taylor Knudson and Associate Artistic Director, Timothy Thorn and in conjunction with students and educators in the ABC School District in Orange County. It weaves monologue, spoken word, choreography and footage of actual students and educators who have witnessed first hand the effects of bullying into a performance that entertains but does not shy away from the often brutal - or even fatal - impacts of bullying. 

Because bullying most often happens online these days, a special emphasis is placed on the ways in which cyber-bullying in particular negatively impacts self-esteem, body-image and relationships. And the dynamic between victim, bystander and bully is explored both theatrically as well as directly in the filmed interviews with students who have experienced it from all three sides. 

Grasping Bullying also looks at the accidental bully; someone who bullies unknowingly or unintentionally through jokes, social media or teasing that borders on harassment. And because of the devastating rise in teen suicide from bullying, Grasping Bullying also draws attention to the reality of what many bullies don't always take into account; it can be deadly. 

While raw and dark at times, the overall tone of the piece is one of empowerment and the show strives to pose questions and situations that students and educators can address afterwards in frank and authentic conversations about the existence of bullying on campus and ways in which it can be addressed to bring about positive change for the culture of the entire school.

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