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In the Classroom Activities and exercises to provide opportunities for deeper understanding and exploration.                                      Taught by OTW members and educators & created to satisfy the California Core Standards. 

Created by:

Terra Taylor Knudson & Timothy P. Thorn

​​​​Each Grasping Education assembly program comes complete with curriculum support, background information and materials for educators to use in class prior to the performances as well as an opportunity to have the performers come into the classroom following performances for further enrichment and exploration of the subject matter. 

​​Developed in part with local educators, OTW is excited to play a role in bringing education to life and use theatre to empower discussion and encourage deeper understanding of important issues such as;


As well as traditional topics such as,

Educational Outreach

​​​Grasping Education is a "living classroom" that uses theatre, music, video and interactive elements to bring subjects and people to life for students in two unique ways; 

Grasping Education

Bullying and social media,

self-esteem and empowerment,

community involvement and leadership qualities. 

Written by:
Terra Taylor Knudson

Social Studies 
and More!

​On the Stage - Fully produced, multi-media/theatrical assembly performances addressing popular curriculum topics. 


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