our mission

Olio Theatre Works is a small, independent theatre based out of Long Beach, California. Founded in 2004, the chief mission is to ensure that art remains a right, accessible to everyone. We also believe in creating the perfect entertainment solution for every occasion. For these reasons, we are committed to providing high-quality entertainment at affordable prices.

Timothy P. Thorn

Assistant Artistic Director

Victoria Baker Ferrigno

Gigi Fusco-Meese
Ron Grigsby

Timothy Guest

Sandy Hall

Mike Hardy

Ryan Michael Hartman

Nancy Orphal Hickey

Brianna Hill

JoAnna Hubbard

​Anne Marie Iniguez

Chelsea Camille Isaacs

JP Karliak

Ron Levy

Derek Long

Gerard Marzilli

our style

OTW was born out of the tradition of

performing traditional & original  productions in unconventional settings. We specialize in providing creative entertainment solutions for every occasion and venue: on stage, screen, in schools, private parties, corporate functions, libraries, festivals, community events and more!

Artists Who Have Appeared With OTW

Educational Outreach. Southern California, (2004 - Present)

Melissa Marzigliano
Ben Maughan
Sarah Meals
Anna Kate Mohler
Cameron Moore
​Lauren Nave

Amy Newman

"Grandma" Lily Owens

​Mark Pertesen

Tim "Fish" Polzin

Sioux-Sanna Ramirez-Cruz

David Redmond

Sydney Redmond

John Schwendinger

​Beverly Schwendinger

Intimately Wilde​. Los Angeles, California, (2009)

Rachel Scott
Miguel Solorio
Peter Stone
John Sturgeon
Terra Taylor Knudson​ Stephanie Thomas

Intimately Wilde. Long Beach, California, (2013)

Terra Taylor Knudson

 Founder/Artistic Director

Timothy P. Thorn

Cynthia Tyndall

Laura Wolfe-Bosworth

Andrew Zacharias

​Andrew Zimmer

Rocking Shakespeare in the Park. Pearson Park, Anaheim California, (2010)


The OTW company roster boasts a wide

variety of actors, musicians/vocalists, writers, directors, producers, designers and educators ~ all with years of experience in multiple aspects of the performing arts and educational outreach, and all with a commitment to keep the arts alive and accessible to the community. 

Willy's Been On the Road!

Long Beach, CA - '16

Sherman Oaks, CA - '16

Hollywood, CA - '17

Prescott, AZ - '18

Hollywood, CA - '18

Santa Monica, CA - '19

Long Beach, CA - '19

​Mendocino, CA - '19

Coming Soon to YOUR City!

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(310) 266-3872

otw officers

grasping bullying: 

Educational Outreach, Multi-Media Theatre 

​​available now to book! contact: olioinfo@hotmail.com

Old Black Magic: A Haunted Musical. Southern California, (2004 - 2014)

Since 2004 Olio Theatre Works has worked with dozens of amazing artists!

Here are just a few...

Stephanie Thomas

Founding Member/Costume Design

Rachel Baumsten

Jesse Bosworth

Sarah Brisco

Michael Dale Brown

Brandon Burns

Trisha Burson-Johnson

Brian Franklin Canup Victoria Castillo

Rob Roy Cesar

Mona Chatterjee

Thomas Colby

Ricci Dedola

Seren Dedola

Stephen Dedola​​

Alex DesCombes
Barbara Duncan Brown
Benjamin Durham