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Something wicked this way… sings! Ushered back to earth by Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, a cast of celebrity ghosts are given one last chance to settle their “past life issues” or remain in limbo forever. With toe-tapping tunes, TWO official cast recordings and a DVD, this show has proven to be one of OTW’s most successful productions for 10 years running!

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Growing up on the Louisiana Bayou isn't always easy for young Marie, but as her adult counterpart shares recollections of friends, family, hurricane parties and the controversial -but-highly entertaining "Gator Ball", she weaves a web of magic and laughter celebrating the childhood joie de vivre on the waters of the Big Easy. 

Mix Elvis Presley, Carole King to the Bard and get  a classic tale  that shows what happens when the characters of A Midsummer Night's Dream start singing the Golden Oldies! "King" Oberon tempts fate with Love Potion #9 , Helena begs to be Demetrius' Teddy Bear, and Hermia and Lysander wonder; Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?  Hold onto your bobby socks and cut a rug with the Bard, the King and all!

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Utilizing a high-energy "living curriculum" performance, Grasping Shakespeare is an theatrical outreach assembly as well as in-classroom instruction with curriculum support that provides the type of introduction to the Bard's words that will engage students and give them a foundation to build upon. (Assemblies and in-classroom instruction available for K-12 students. *Visit the GS page for booking details)

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Child of the Bayou

From a princess bound for medical school instead of matrimony in Rumplestiltskin,  a hungry village of vegetables in Soup from a Stone,   Hollywood-seeking power-singers in Goldilocks, and a timeless tug-of-war between the king and queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Fairy Tale, these family-friendly tales blend old stories with modern themes to create all new classics for everyone to enjoy!  Ideal for young audiences.)

Willy's Lil Virgin Queen

Over the years OTW has produced numerous events, appearances and productions that don't fall into the typical show schedule. Many of our favorite projects were in collaboration with local organizations! Concerts, educational-outreach, fundraisers, podcasts, seminars, classroom instruction and community events are just a few ways the OTW has continued to offer creative solutions for every occasion!

Take a closer look at some of the amazing projects OTW Members are creating outside of the company. Including; podcasts, blogging, YouTube webisodes, featurettes, directing, performing, song-writing and more. OTW is proud to support the best and brightest in the local arts community!

Old Black Magic: A Haunted Musical

Grasping Shakespeare

Since its inception in 2004, OTW has created and produced hundreds of projects. Occasionally, a project will be retired, but never forgotten! 

Told through personal narrative, anecdotes and a little creative conjecture, this tour-de-force solo performance combines a delightful celebration of the trials and tribulations of growing up and promises to shed light and laughter on the dynamic women who broke the mold and rocked the Tower of London!

This original look at famed poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde,  explores contemporary issues concerning equality and sexual politics through the unique lens of England’s Victorian age. In the late 19th century,  Wilde was the central figure in a turbulent love affair with the rebellious Alfred “Bosie” Douglas and was thrown into the center of three highly publicized trials that fascinated the country. Intimately Wilde examines the choices he made for love and how far one man is will to go to stay true to himself.

Rockin' Shakespeare in the Park: A Midsummer Night's Dream

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